We know in Vanuatu it’s hard to know where to advertise. What makes this particularly more complex is that Vanuatu is a very small market overall. So when you choose to advertise you want to make sure that you get good return on this advertising investment. Especially if you’re new to Vanuatu or launching a new business.

This is exactly one of the reasons why we created the Hotspots products. The voucher books in particular ensure that you can measure the return on investment by seeing how many vouchers or clients are directed to your business. This clarity is rare in advertising and particularly so in Vanuatu.
Another very effective and growing advertising market in Vanuatu is social media. Like anywhere in the world the advent of digital advertising is taking over. Traditional methods are not enough and companies need to adapt.

We are a strategic agency. We don’t provide cookie cutter advertising solutions for everyone as we know your business and your needs are unique. Get in touch and we’ll provide advertising solutions that work for you.

At Pandanus Consulting we are multi-taskers and can support: Projects – Communications – Events – Advertising – Branding- Graphic Design and more.

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