Having a challenging time building up your Vanuatu sales to meet targets and grow your business? Let us help you.

With our internationally trained, highly experienced and motivated staff we can drive your Vanuatu sales. Selling in a small island state requires unique skills that we have developed here and in similar markets (such as the Caribbean islands). Following years of successful projects in Vanuatu and overseas, our Vanuatu sales team has developed a strategic approach that ensures results meet your expectations.

We have specialized sales staff ready to design a perfect sales campaign for your business in Vanuatu. We can assist your Vanuatu sales team by boosting your product sales with additional marketing and more focused advertising, find new clients in Vanuatu extend your sales to new markets.

We live in a world of palm trees, cocktails and sunsets, where our business roads have their potholes and challenges. Let Pandanus smooth out your ride.

At Pandanus Consulting we are multi-taskers and can support: Projects – Communications – Events – Advertising – Branding- Graphic Design and more.

Get in touch whether you’re in Vanuatu or overseas!