In a growing and competitive market place like Vanuatu, an effective logo and trademark is very important to communicate your product. The most successful branding and designs speak directly to the intended audience, whether it’s the local Vanuatu population, tourists visiting Vanuatu or an overseas market. The branding and logo should highlight both the character and content of what they represent.

With competition in Vanuatu, one of the challenges of creative marketing and graphic design is expressing your unique vision in a style that stands out. Nowadays, globally companies and people are more recognised for what they represent rather than for who they are, the same is true in Vanuatu.

As a result, symbols and logos have become much more important, and the use of them more complicated. Many argue that logos are in fact symbols, but it is more complex than that. A logo may use existing symbols to work effectively, while it becomes the symbol for identity. If done right symbols elegantly create associations between a company and its products, and values.

We feel the symbols being used to represent the brand must be strong and relevant. The associations people make with the logo is essential in how they eventually classify their brands, and chose to either interact or not interact with these brands in Vanuatu.

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